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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Countdown to the Filibuster Nuke...

It's official. (here via Right Rainbow)

President Bush has picked one of his previously blocked judicial nominees, and renominated him: It's William Meyers.

The battle lines are drawn. The Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth and something called Earth Justice seem to be leading the charge against him. The accusation is that he's too anti-environment. Other organizations in the tent on the left like the NAACP and NARAL also oppose his nomination, but their arguments are based on the implications of his views on the environment to their own issues. A fascinating list of all the organizations opposing him, via the People for the American Way, here.

Meanwhile, Democrats decrying the hystrionically-titled "nuclear" option have finally made their threats concrete. The Washington Times reports: "Democrats yesterday said they will halt all Senate business except essential operations and national defense if Republicans use the "nuclear option" to unclog President Bush's judicial nominees.

Get a bucket of popcorn -- our elected representatives are about to earn their keep and provide us with some much needed entertainment. After all, our half dozen 24-hr "news" networks need something to cover after the Trial of the Millenium winds down.


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